In light of Tyga heating up the Internet with a fake facial tattoo photo over the weekend, SOHH recently talked to ink-addicted hip-hop artists Kid Ink and Hazel-E for their tattoo-related tips and precautions.

Without any hesistation, Ink said people should sway away from getting names tatted on their bodies.

“No names. You can maybe get an initial or symbols,” Kid Ink told SOHH. “I think the best thing to do is to get something that symbolizes something. No girl names. No name and never get the same name twice. I remember seeing that. No names, no getting names twice and remember that finger tattoos hurt the worst. [laughs] Those are all important. Oh, don’t be drunk when you get tatted. I know tattoo artists hate it because they don’t like me to be moving because it can get all sloopy and you can also bleed too much.” (SOHH)

Hazel suggested any and all people make sure the tattoo artists use fresh needles.

“First time tattoos, don’t make your first one a name,” Hazel told SOHH. “The only name I have on my body is Hazel Eyes, which is myself. [laughs] The best advice I can give someone who is getting their first tattoo, when the tattoo artist is about to tattoo you, make sure they let you see them opening up a new needle. That way you are not using an old needle and any tattoo artist is going to crack that package up in front of you to let you know it’s a brand new needle and it’s yours. You don’t want to be using a needle that’s been in somebody else’s skin because of blood and all that stuff. If you’re going to get one, make sure you see them open it up in front of you. Also, don’t just pick something up off the wall. I think that’s so wack. My first tattoo, I’ll admit it, I was 17 and I think I picked something out of a book. But ever since then, every other tattoo has been my own creation. It’s art but it’s on your body.” (SOHH)

Over the weekend, Tyga’s Mike Tysoninspired tattoo photo circulated online.

Tyga got some inspiration from Mike Tyson with his latest tattoo. The “Rack City” rapper showed off his face tat in the same shape as the boxing champ. “F*ck it #YoLo,” tweeted Tyga, who is working on his Well Done 3 mixtape. The ink became a trending topic on Twitter and his fans debated whether it was real or fake (our vote is the latter). He was spotted at Universal Studios earlier in the day without the tattoo on his face. (Rap-Up)

Last year, West Coast rapper Game spoke on artists like Gucci Mane getting facial ink.

“I seen Gucci’s new face tat and as soon I did, I thought ‘finally they can get off me about his butterfly/star/LA sh*t.’ That’s what I thought. But you know what man, I don’t give a f*ck about what they say about anybody, a muthaf*cka could tattoo a butterfly, ice cream cone, apple pie on their cheek. Bottom-line, if you know Gucci, you know he’s real. He been on trial for his life and all of that. He bodied people. So he could tattoo a f*ckin’ tampon on his face for all I care. You can’t say he’s buster or whatever. And me I done been shot, stole sh*t, robbed people, everyth-f*ckin’-thing you can think of. Tattoos don’t mean sh*t, they ain’t nothing but good art.” (VIBE)