Former G.O.O.D. Music member Kid Cudi has updated fans on his status after staying mostly in the shadows entering 2014 and revealed plans to drop new music next month.

Over the weekend, Cudder promised his upcoming Satellite Flight: The Journey To Mother Moon EP would drop in February.

“Ok my lovelies heres the deal. Sorry Ive been missin in action, but I had to make some last minute changes, edits and tweaks to the EP,” Cudi tweeted January 18.

“Everything sounds glorious! Get ready to take another trippy trip thru the cosmos. Another epic Cudder experience, for you! :)”

“We all take flight in February. Get to packin Cud Fam!”

“Upon the release of the EP, play all my albums back to back starting from MOTM1 (WZRD included) to prepare u for the next chapter, MOTM3”

“Satellite Flight: The Journey To Mother Moon is the bridge between INDICUD and MOTM3. An experience 6 years in the making.”

“Does anyone know how WZRD ties into the MOTM series conceptually?”

“”Take it to the satellite” means think beyond what you know, look beyond what you can see, feel beyond what you can touch. The vibes” (Kid Cudi’s Twitter)

Cudi recently raised eyebrows after receiving some prominent onscreen time in a new Need for Speed movie trailer.

In the film, Aaron Paul, from “Breaking Bad,” plays Tobey Marshall, a street racer who is unfairly imprisoned for a crime that he didn’t commit (one that results in the death of his best friend). Upon release from prison, he decides to get revenge on the man who wronged him, which of course involves driving really sexy cars at really dangerous speeds. Dominic Cooper is the bad guy, Kid Cudi and Rami Malek are his buddies, Imogen Poots is the love interest (rocking a wonderfully white trash wig), and Michael Keaton plays some kind of ring leader of an underground racing circuit. Quite frankly — what is there not to love? (Moviefone)

Outside of films, Cudi recently said his forthcoming Man on the Moon 3 release should help spark awareness and promote better decision-making.

“You’ll see it coming from a person who is looking at things from a more mature mindset, with more understanding and growth. I want people to be able to put this album on at different points in their lives and grow with me. This series was meant to show me grow as a man and it would not be right to do MOTM III and have me talking about driving drunk. I didn’t want people to listen and feel like, “Oh he’s giving us a lesson,” rather than be entertained, but I’m not condoning that sh*T, that’s not cool. When I’m singing about driving drunk on “Pursuit of Happiness” on MOTM, you may remember that it was a nightmare. It was meant to be scary, the craziness, the fact that this person chooses to look for happiness in substances; and that’s scary, that’s a terrible combination, that’s a terrible way to go about things.” (Music Connection)

Earlier this year, Cudi talked about his break-up with G.O.O.D Music and revealed making sure to let ex-boss Kanye West know he wanted to maintain a strong relationship.

“I overthink sh– all the time. I’m just emotional,” he added, laughing. Cudi broke the news to fans early in April, saying that he’d even reached out to Jay-Z for advice on how to broach the subject with Kanye, but once it was done with, there were no hard feelings and he and ‘Ye still have plans to work together. “In the last email he sent me, he was just like, ‘Yo, come out to Paris and work,’ but I gotta go shoot ‘Need for Speed’ first,” he continued. “I’ma handle that and hopefully he’s still working because I got some time in between so I might jet out and go check him, play him some beats that I been working on. Now that I know he might need my help I might go in the studio and actually try to make some beats with him in mind and see what comes outta that.” (MTV)

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