Kid Cudi Announces New Hustle + Says He’s Bringing Only Positive Vibes Moving Forward : “No S**t Talkin”

Written By Chris Goossens

Ohio rapper Kid Cudi is here for good vibes only. The hip-hop veteran went online this week to dish out some thoughts on starting up something new to spread love and also connect with fans.

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Cudi x Podcast

Last night, Cudder went to his social media pages to say he would be starting a new podcast. Kid said he would be bringing artists and fans on board and it would be a strictly positive environment.

“Should I do my own podcast?? Ok… im doin my own podcast then. All love no sh*t talking. Only uplifting artists and talkin w my friends and fans. All positive vibes! It’ll be like ur hangin w me smokin and shootin the sh*t for awhile. Itll be meant to comfort the lonely.” -Kid Cudi’s Twitter

High-Key Details

The hip-hop veteran recently scrolled through his camera roll. He went online to share a video from the recording session of “through the late night,” his Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight track with Travis Scott. In the video, Cudi does some of his famous and beloved humming as the track plays in the background.

“June 2 2016 workin on “through the late night”. Lil video I recorded just humming tryn out an idea and clownin 🤗 enjoy!” -Kid Cudi’s Twitter

Wait, There’s More

Perhaps he’s alluding to more new music with Travis for their recently-formed rap duo The Scotts, after their track of the same titled debuted at #1 on the prestigious Billboard Hot 100.

Travis Scott and Kid Cudi’s new collaboration “THE SCOTTS” (Cactus Jack, Epic, Wicked Awesome) enters the Billboard Hot 100 at #1, following its premiere last weekend during the record-breaking one-of-a-kind Fortnite in-game experience.  The first release from the two artists as a group, “THE SCOTTS” marks the third time Travis Scott has reached #1 on the Hot 100 following 2018’s “SICKO MODE,”and 2019’s “HIGHEST IN THE ROOM,” while also becoming the first time Kid Cudi has reached the #1 spot on the Hot 100 chart. “THE SCOTTS” debuted #1 on Apple Music in the US, #1 on Spotify US and Global Charts, and earned the biggest global Spotify streaming debut of 2020.  The track’s #1 debut on Spotify Global Chart makes this Travis’s second Global #1 debut after last year’s triple-platinum “HIGHEST IN THE ROOM.”

Before You Go

Scott and Cudder blew fans away with the must-hear record. The song landed just before it premiered on video game giant Fortnite with three different versions.

Boosting its profile, “The Scotts” served as one of the highlights of Scott’s three-day Astronomical event during Fortnite‘s largest in-game gathering to-date, which began last Thursday night (April 23). Scott teamed with Epic Games for the in-game experience, which featured a virtual version of the rapper and a performance of the track, among other hits of his. (Billboard)

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Written by Chris Goossens

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