Vixen Keyhia Ka’oir really, really, really loves her husband. The hip-hop model went online this week to gush over just how special Gucci Mane is to her ever since they tied the knot in October 2017.

Keyshia Ka’oir’s Gucci Mane Secrets

On Tuesday, Ka’oir went to her Instagram page with some super gushy footage of herself and Guwop on a date night together. In the video’s caption, she dishes on what he tells her on a daily basis.

“There’s not a day where I’m not told : “How beautiful I am” “I get a kiss every morning & every night before bed” “I’m told I Love You at least 3 times a day” It’s Just the little things! I love my husband ! He’s the best! THANK U GOD ❤️” -Keyshia Ka’oir’s Instagram

Keyshia Ka’oir’s Gucci Mane romance secrets revealed.

High-Key Details

Hours prior, KK went to her Instagram page with some super gushy, must-like content. Ka’oir shared footage of herself alongside Gucci and a pic of her laying on his lap.

“Hubby! My love💛” -Keyshia Ka’oir’s Instagram

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Hubby! My love💛

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Wait, There’s More

Recently, Ka’oir shared a must-see clip with her mom. The footage featured her day one practically speechless over getting blessed with an expensive birthday gift in the form of a Bentley car.

“Happy Birthday Mom! Enjoy your gift! 2021 #BentleyFlyingSpur I ordered this over a year ago so it could be specially made just for u🤍” -Keyshia Ka’oir’s Instagram

“❤️💧🏹💰” -Gucci Mane

“❤️❤️❤️🔥” -Lil’ Kim

“Niceeee🔥” -Yung Miami

Before You Go

In early July 2020, Keyshia hit up Instagram with a priceless marriage goals-inspired pic. The shot featured Ka’oir kicking back and showing off pure beauty alongside Guwop.

“Jus a regular Sunday for #TheWops🛥” Keyshia Ka’oir’s Instagram