The worst thing about owning a pair of luxury Apple AirPods is dealing with the inevitable – you’re going to lose them. At some point, whether it’s forever or just for a few days – weeks – months, it’s a 100 percent bet you’re bound to misplace these precious expensive headphones.

Fortunately, companies like KeyBudz are here to make flexing goals way easier. Check out an insane line-up of KeyBudz‘s magnetic docks, protective cases and ear hooks for all AirPods.

EarBuddyz Ultra ($13.95) With the exception of everyone stuck in the library or their desks hours at a time, the EarBuddyz Ultra are game-changers for everyone else on the move. These have insane noise isolation, overall sound performance over the original EarBuddyz and just make life way easier – notably if you’re chasing that train before it leaves the station or you’re getting your workout goals in with some major cardio and weight-lifting.

A spherical bud was designed to reduce pressure in the ear and create a better seal to help keep unwanted noise out and the stuff that matters in

EarBuddyz Ultra are engineered from a premium dual durometer silicone which allows for maximum comfort without compromising a secure fit

Compatible with AirPods 1 and AirPods 2 or EarPods Headphones/Earphones/Earbuds

3 pairs included in every pack

All Sizes come with small, medium and large pair

Available in White and Black

PodSkinz with Carabiner ($8.95) No one buys a Porsche, BMW or Mercedes-Benz and parks it on the street – the same should be true to a pair of AirPods. Why go through the hassle of tossing them in your pockets, book bag or – worst case – sitting on the couch when you could easily toss them in a handy protective case? The PodSkinz with Carabiner helps you avoid worrying about scratches, scrapes, bumps and everything else you can think of from your daily grind. To make life even easier and handy, use the sleek carabiner to attache the case to your bags, backpack or even your bike.

Features a proprietary non slip lid and a hinge-less design to fit seamlessly into your everyday life

A class leading 1.3mm thickness provides the ultimate protection while maintaining a slim design for everyday use

Compatible with AirPods 1 and AirPods 2 with full light sensor functionality

Front LED visible for AirPods wireless charging case

Compatible with wired and wireless charging AirPods

Available in White, Black, Earl Grey, Lavender, Diamond Blue, Blush Pink, Cobalt Blue, Baby Blue and Red

KeyBudz: AirDockz ($8.95) Whether you’re in the library preparing for mid-terms and finals or just clocking away work at your desk, your ears are going to need a break. After a quick 30-45 minutes, you’ll be ready to interact with the real world again. The AirDockz are the perfect accessory to have with you. Instead of over-charging your case – because we all know the cases needs its own time to charge, rely on this handy magnetic dock to keep your AirPods close enough to pop back in when you’re ready to keep grinding.

Perfect place to dock your AirPods when not in use

Residue-free restickable adhesive easy to remove and reapply

Keep track of your AirPods in any room, car or office

Strong magnets to secure your AirPods on any flat surface

Fits Genuine AirPods Generation 1 and 2

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