Southern rapper Kevin Gates continues to make headlines this week after singling out President Barack Obama by fighting multiple women during a recent concert.

Footage from Gates’ confrontation with some females during a Sunday (March 29) night show in Michigan has surfaced.

Gates — probably as well known for having sex with his cousin as he is for his music — was performing at Z Club in Flint … when a few girls in the front kept grabbing him. In the video, you can see Gates shake off the girls a few times before finally having enough … and going after them. Gates’ security pulled him back from the crowd and the show continued. But a short time later, he mixed it up with another girl on the side of the stage — this time throwing elbows in the fan’s direction. (TMZ)

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A few days ago, Gates called out President Obama on social media.

Footage of Gates copping to speculation about dating a female cousin sprouted online a few months ago.

“People be talking about ‘Y’all look like brother and sister.’ Sh*t no. I’m f*cking the sh*t out her, come to find out, she’s my cousin, ya heard me? But, I ain’t ’bout to stop f*cking with her. Sh*t, the p*ssy good.” (YouTube)

According to reports, the relationship went back to the mid-2000’s.

Gates tells TMZ that he began dating a woman in 2006, and after three months, his grandma revealed to him that it was his cousin. Despite finding, they continued dating for nearly two years. He says he doesn’t know if she was a first, second, third cousin or even more remote cousin. (Baller Status)