Louisiana rapper Kevin Gates could not win over a jury. Instead, the hip-hop star received a six-month jail sentence for his past attack on a female fan.

According to reports, Gates learned his fate Wednesday (October 26) in a Florida courtroom.

Rapper Kevin Gates was sentenced to 180 days in a Polk County jail after being found guilty of kicking a fan at a concert last year in Lakeland. The judge also ordered a one year probation after Gates’ jail time. The sentence was three times what prosecutors requested. (Fox 13 News)

Back in April, Gates filed paperwork to have his now-infamous August 2015 case tossed.

Gates says Miranda Dixon tried to grab him twice during the show last August in Lakeland, FL — and since he gave her a verbal warning after her first failed attempt … he had every right to fight back. In the docs, he says Dixon managed to grab his shorts the second time, and he thought she was trying to pull him offstage … so he used necessary force to defend himself and prevent further harm. (TMZ)

In September 2015, Gates spoke out on attacking the female fan.

“I’m not saying he was right in retaliating the way he did but at the same time, how many times can you keep asking someone to stop touching you before you defend yourself,” said Ryan Sayers. “I feel like she was disrespecting him because he asked her multiple times to stop and she didn’t.” said Danielle Vitale. (ABC Action News)

Gates also addressed his headline-generating situation on a song called “#TheTruth” days prior.

“Man in the mirror, you way outta order/Go to jail, who gonna look out for your daughter?/All in the news ’bout what happened in Florida/Posted on WorldStar on iPhone recorders/She grabbed my d*ck over and acted, I’m sorry/Two or three times I had already warned her/Edit that part out, I don’t like to argue,” he raps in the opening bars of the song.” (“The Truth”)