R&B singer Keri Hilson recently took a jab at Ciara for her new album, Basic Instinct, selling just over 35,000 records in its first-week on store shelves.

According to reports, Hilson called out Ciara’s emphasis on album sales not holding relevance to an artist’s buzz or brand.

Keri Hilson stirred up some controversy with her remarks about Ciara. In an interview with Power 105.1 on Wednesday (December 22), Keri was asked if she was nervous about releasing her album, No Boys Allowed. “I would like to [sell] higher than 35k – I mean anyone would,” said Keri referring to Ciara’s CD Basic Instinct which sold 37,000 copies last week. “I saw a quote where [Ciara] said it’s not all about the numbers and I’m not really a chart reader. I don’t look at charts. It’s probably what she honestly feels,” said Keri. (Karen Civil)

Ciara’s new album debuted on the sales chart this week toward the back of Top 50 releases.

Video vixen Ciara’s Basic Instinct also landed on the chart this week securing a spot at No. 44. After seven days in stores, the project has moved out 36,700 units. (SOHH Sales Wrap)

In a recent interview, Ciara explained why record sales do not always determine an artist’s longevity in music.

“Even though my last album didn’t do as well as my previous ones, I was still able to go out and make money and tour,” Ciara said in an interview. “Every day is not always the perfect day. Artists that I have loved and admired, who have had a long career, have not had every record or song or video that was always the right choice. Selling records are becoming smaller fraction of branding and building a long-lasting career. You can sell a lot of records, but can you tour? You can sell records, but where does it go beyond that? That’s a part of building a brand for yourself. If you can walk away from your career and are successful touring, you’ll always be straight. Artists like Madonna have been doing it for years. She may put out one single, do a tour and gross over $200 million.” (Associated Press)

The singer’s debut album sold millions of records upon its release almost seven years ago.

In 2004 Ciara released her debut album Goodies which spawned the number one hits “Goodies” and “1, 2 Step”, selling over five million copies worldwide and certified triple platinum in the United States. The album earned her four nominations at the 2004 Grammy Awards. (Wikipedia)

Ciara’s last album, Fantasy Ride, debuted at No. 3 with 81,000 sold copies in May 2009.

Check out some recent Ciara footage below: