R&B singer Keri Hilson has lashed back at rumors claiming that she was romantically involved with rapper/producer Missy Elliott.

Writing on her Twitter page, Hilson denied having a personal or work-related relationship with Missy.

“Lies!! How do those ppl sleep at night? I love & respect Missy & her work, but we’ve never worked & I’ve prolly seen her 5 times in my life!,” she tweeted Thursday (March 17). (Keri Hilson’s Twitter)

Lesbian allegations hit the Internet Wednesday (March 16).

MediaTakeOut.com just got wind of a very JUICY bit of gossip, rapper Missy Elliot used to date R&B singer Keri Hilson . . . . ROMANTICALLY!!! According to a very WELL REGARDED record industry insider from Atlanta the two met when Keri was a young songwriter and Missy was an international superstar. The insider explained, “Missy is a larger than life personality. She’s like a dude. I’ve seen her turn out straight girls.” And a young Keri was NO MATCH for Missy’s pimp game. The insider told MediaTakeOut.com, “Missy [and Keri] started off as friends, but Missy was really seducing her. Keri ended up [infatuated] with Missy, she may have even been in love.” But Missy, like most rappers, is a hit-it-and-quit-it kinda gal. So after the two’s WHIRLWIND ROMANCE, Missy dumped Keri. The insider added, “Keri was broken up [about the breakup.” Dang Missy . . . we knew you had good taste . . . SHEESH!! (Media Take Out)

Last October, Missy was rumored to have married a lady friend.

Missy Elliot has dismissed reports she’s tied the knot with her rumored girlfriend, Sharaya. According to Mediatakeout.com, the duo exchanged “I dos” after returning to the U.S. following a world tour during which their relationship grew closer. Immediately after it was first reported on Thursday, word of the “One Minute Man” singer/rapper’s wedded bliss began spreading like wildfire over the ‘Net.’ (Dr. Jays)

Elliott later responded to the gossip and denied all allegations.

“I will say this once I am NOT Married!!! Now 4 the ppl who don’t have time Gossip May U have a Blessed Money Making Weekend!,” she tweeted over the weekend.

“Excuse my last text! Those Who Don’t have time 4 lies and Gossip May u have a Blessed Weekend! #Getmoney*inmyBiggieSmallsvoice*” (Missy Elliott’s Twitter)

Check out some recent Keri Hilson footage down below: