Top Dawg Entertainment’s Kendrick Lamar and SZA no longer have to worry about the heat they caught over this year’s “All the Stars” music video. Months after getting hit with a copyright infringement lawsuit over the Black Panther soundtrack visual, the duo have secured a major W.

According to reports, British-Liberian artist Lina Iris Viktor and the TDE standouts have reached an agreement in the suit.

Back in February, Kendrick Lamar and SZA were sued by British-Liberian artist Lina Iris Viktor for copyright infringement relating to the duo’s “All the Stars” visual. Viktor claimed that elements of her painting series “Constellations” were appropriated for the Black Panther song’s video without permission. As of December 21, SZA and Kendrick have settled with Viktor, according to court documents viewed by Pitchfork. (Pitchfork)

Earlier this year, Viktor claimed Marvel reached out about having her artwork featured in the Black Panther big screen release.

In November 2016, according to the lawyer’s letter, Ms. Viktor was contacted by an assistant to Jay Hart, a Marvel set decorator, asking to feature her work, “Constellations I” in the movie, then titled “Motherland.” Ms. Viktor was prepared to consider participating, but ultimately found the financial and artistic terms unacceptable, which ended further discussions. (Mr. Hart later said in an email that he did not work on the music video and that Ms. Viktor’s work does not appear in the “Black Panther” film.) (New York Times)

Back in October, buzz developed about director Ryan Coogler returning for a highly-anticipated Black Panther sequel.

Sources say the plan at this stage is for Coogler to write the script next year with an eye to start production in either late 2019 or early 2020. Marvel and parent company Disney, however, have not made any official announcements about Marvel’s slate of movies beyond the release of the next Avengers pic in May 2019 and a Spider-Man: Homecoming sequel in July — and plans could shift. (The Hollywood Reporter)

In March, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige confirmed big plans for a Black Panther sequel.

“Nothing specific to reveal, other than to say we absolutely will do that. One of the favorite pastimes at Marvel Studios is sitting around on a Part One and talking and dreaming about what we would do in a Part Two. There have been plenty of those conversations as we were putting together the first Black Panther. We have ideas and a pretty solid direction on where we want to head with the second one. (Entertainment Weekly)