Top Dawg Entertainment’s Kendrick Lamar and SZA are either up to something extremely sneaky or Marvel Studios felt the need to intervene with their Black Panther The Album standout single “All The Stars.” Kung Fu Kenny and SZA’s must-hear anthem low-key has two different versions most fans didn’t even realize.

According to lyric-decoding site Genius, there are distinct differences in both the Spotify and Apple Music versions.

Spotify’s Version:

No control, no off switch
And the way that you bringin’ me down
It’s a turn on, get it away from me
Know you mean wrong, keep away from me
And it’s all wrong, get it away from me, yeah
I, I just cry for no reason
I just pray for no reason
I just thank for the life, for the day
For the hours and another life breathin’
I did it all ‘cause it feel good
You could live it all if you feel bad
Better live your life, we were runnin’ out of time

Apple Music’s Version:

Got no end game, got no reason
Got to stay down, it’s the way that you making me feel
Like nobody ever loved me like you do, you do
You kinda feeling like you’re tryna get away from me
If you do, I won’t move
I ain’t just crying for no reason
I ain’t just praying for no reason
I give thanks for the days, for the hours
And another way, another life breathin’
How did it all go to feel good?
I wouldn’t do it at all if you feel bad
Better live your life, we’re runnin’ out of time

K. Dot and SZA’s under the radar change even sparked a YouTube debate with some people believing the lyrics update could have come at Marvel Studios’ discretion to either plant Easter eggs or remove movie spoilers.