Kendrick Lamar Reveals Dr. Dre’s Involvement In Sophomore LP: “He Gives Me That Creative Control”

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West Coast rapper Kendrick Lamar recently dished on his status with the long-awaited good kid, m.A.A.d city follow-up album and how much of a role Dr. Dre has on it this time around.

Instead of cracking under the pressure, K. Dot said he has embraced the energy surrounding his next studio release.

“The energy, it’s crazy, it’s way different,” Lamar said in an interview. “The energy was there on the first album before I dropped it but of course now, the energy’s a whole ‘nother level. But all that does is say, ‘Okay, now I got their ears and their hearts. It’s up to me to just execute it the way I see it, the way I hear it and challenge myself to do what it is I always do.’ I think [my formula] is one that I’ll keep for a while just because I have a lot to say and my team knows what I want to accomplish and know how I want to execute my music. Not only the lyrics that I write but the music around it.” (“Tor Guide”)

Check out what Kendrick said about Dr. Dre right here…

Lamar also talked about the role music mogul Dr. Dre has on the LP.

“Dre has a lot of respect for the music I do and he gives me that creative control, a hundred percent to go in there and get things off my chest the way I hear it,” K. Dot added. “That’s an ear I always have open, for him to listen, because he is a legend and he is the best at what he do, as far as production and music in general and sounds. He always plays a part in it.” (“Tor Guide”)

Recently, Lamar said the art of putting together a quality project encouraged him to not force out a new album.

“The hold up is inspiration really, I don’t get in the studio just to rap. I’m in a space now where I got to actually have something that moves me. Going around experiencing different people and meeting different people and having my own issues in life in general, that inspires me to get in the studio and do what I got to do and say something where the people can connect again just as they did with good kid.” (“The Breakfast Club”)

K. Dot also recently said he relied on a few key producers with his music.

“Everything’s really in-house,” K. Dot said when asked about the album. “Of course Dre but I really stick with four producers I’ve been working with since day one. I don’t really go outside of that box. Sounwave, Thundercat, Rocky, Tae Beast, you know, these the cats I’ve been developing with since I was a teen, you feel me? So I always keep it like that and keep my sound as organic as possible.” (Hot 97)

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