West Coast rap sensation Kendrick Lamar recently discussed his love for Eminem and how he hooked up with Slim Shady for their new “Love Game” collaboration.

According to K. Dot, he initially met Marshall Mathers in passing at annual music gathering Coachella.

“The first time I met Em was through [music festival] Coachella,” Lamar revealed in an interview. “Yeah, that was the first time I met him. We spoke briefly so I didn’t really get to hang with him. Then on my second time around, I got to go to Detroit and actually chill with him and vibe out. That was way before the record, so, I think that was like the first introduction, getting to sit down and actually talk to him and ask him questions I always wanted to ask.” (“Whoolywood”)

Lamar also admitted he has been a diehard Eminem fan dating back to his high school days.

“That just comes from being a fan from day one. It wasn’t really something I could do overnight. It’s from me being in ninth grade and studying all of the albums, the Marshall Mathers LP and Slim Shady, coming from that era and then finally getting to meet him. It’s just one of those types of things. I already knew the type of wizard he already was. When I finally got into the studio with him, I had to bring my A-game.” (“Whoolywood”)

In a recent interview, Em showered the self-proclaimed overnight rap star with accolades.


“What he’s doing right now, it’s pretty f*cking incredible,” Eminem says of Lamar, sounding genuinely excited. “He seems like this kid that’s just full of life and happy to be here. The impact he’s had over just the last couple of years. it’s been really fun for me to watch.” (Billboard)

Em and Kendrick’s new “Love Game” premiered online a few days ago.

Eminem enlisted celebrated rapper Kendrick Lamar for his new song “Love Game,” a cut off of his upcoming album, “The Marshall Mathers LP 2.” The collaboration has Eminem rapping about his relationships with women before Kendrick lays down a hook, crooning, “She doesn’t love me, no she don’t love me no more / She hates my company, yeah she don’t love me no more / I tried to get her up out of my head as my bags hit the door / She screamed she loves me like she never did before.” (Huffington Post)

Check out Kendrick Lamar’s interview: