West Coast rapper YG might have some serious explaining to do. The Internet is going after the California native for possibly getting extra comfy with a woman despite having a romance brewing with girlfriend Kehlani.

This week, pics and footage surfaced of YG allegedly getting extra gushy with a mystery woman.

Hmm…looks like paparazzi caught YG slipping last night with another woman! YG and Kehlani have come out to the public as a couple just a few months ago, nonetheless the two either broke up, are into sharing, or stepping out on one another as there is a photo of YG boo’d up with someone else. (Hot 97)

Last month, Lani shared a must-like coupled up shot alongside her rap star boo.

Lani went to Instagram during New York Fashion Week with a major shout-out to her team.

In September, Lani’s new boyfriend came through with a pic of themselves boo’d up at a fashion event.