R&B singer Kehlani is making the best out of her current isolation from the outside world. The popular crooner has updated fans on her mind and body after going into lockdown mode.

Big Facts

Lani went to Instagram Thursday with a slideshow of new pics. In the outside shots, she’s glowing with sunshine and encourages her fans to do the same.

“few days into social distancing/locked indoors & i started feeling my vitamin d deficiency tapping me on the shoulder… 15 minutes outside a day make a difference. go get that if you can. (far away from other humans… just for some sun)”

High-Key Details

In late February, Lani went to her Instagram page and dished on the value of breaking away from the norm and doing fun things. She also encouraged her fans to focus on the positive experiences in life.

Wait, There’s More

Recently, rap crooner Tory Lanez quietly crept into Lani’s Instagram comments on a post she made showing the creation of her split song “Valentine’s Day (Shameful).”

Before You Go

Lani’s shocking record immediately sparked huge reactions throughout social media. Most people took the song as confirmation she split up with hip-hop boyfriend YG.