R&B singer Kehlani had plenty of time last night. The popular crooner went online to share a hilarious exchange between herself and another woman thinking she had something to do with her man cheating.

Big Facts

Lani went to Twitter last night with a couple of hilarious screenshots. In the exchange, Lani admitted her man ‘was acting up too’ and confirmed she ended things between them.

“This girl gave me her number and was off by a digit. Gotta love it. Good luck sis!”

High-Key Details

In late February, Lani went to her Instagram page and dished on the value of breaking away from the norm and doing fun things. She also encouraged her fans to focus on the positive experiences in life.

Wait, There’s More

Recently, rap crooner Tory Lanez quietly crept into Lani’s Instagram comments on a post she made showing the creation of her split song “Valentine’s Day (Shameful).”

Before You Go

Lani’s shocking record immediately sparked huge reactions throughout social media. Most people took the song as confirmation she split up with hip-hop boyfriend YG.