R&B singer Kehlani is just about to drop her new “Can I” music video to the masses but is keeping it 100 on drama which might surround it. The crooner has decided to keep ousted rap crooner Tory Lanez‘s verse on the record but not have him featured in its visual.

Kehlani’s Tory Lanez Stance

On Thursday, Lani explained where things stood between her and Lanez in connection to their song. While his presence will be felt in the new video set to premiere this afternoon, Lanez won’t be shown in the visual.

“full transparency cuz i believe in that with my following, his verse is still on the song, the video is solo. new verse on the deluxe. 💯 … we support sex workers round these here parts … our video is a ode to sex work. honoring sex workers. uplifting their movement. that’s it. … i’m a scrip cluhh legend. ask about me. … men. LMAO love u guys night night see you at 10 AM 😍 remember: support sex work yesterday today and tomorrow” -Kehlani’s Twitter

Kehlani’s Tory Lanez stance blurry as “Can I” video gets ready to drop.

High-Key Details

On Tuesday, Kehlani went into rap star Megan Thee Stallion‘s Instagram comments section to show her love. The shout-out came weeks after Meg suffered gunshot wounds allegedly from Tory Lanez.

“issa rebirth 👑” -Kehlani

“✅✅✅” -Meg Thee Stallion’s Instagram

Kehlani supports Meg Thee Stallion.

Wait, There’s More

Heading into Tuesday, rap star 50 Cent stepped forward to apologize to Stallion. Fifty said he didn’t realize the severity of Meg’s injury and apologized for using a meme to poke fun at her.

“D*mn I didn’t think this sh*t was real,🤦‍♂️It sounded so crazy @theestallion i’m glad your feeling better and i hope you can accept my apology. I posted a meme that was floating around. I wouldn’t have done that if i knew you was really hurt sorry. 🤷🏽‍♂️” -50 Cent’s Instagram

50 Cent apologizes to Meg Thee Stallion.
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Unbreakable 💜

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Before You Go

This past weekend, Chrissy Teigen delivered an open apology to Meg Thee Stallion. The popular entertainer apologized for making a twerk joke aimed at the Houston native weeks after her near-death altercation with rap crooner Tory Lanez.

“I used the play on words joke with a celeb and something their known for with Meg and twerking and I should have known that it is just not the right time especially for something so dumb and sh*tty and pointless as the joke was. Making anyone feel reminded of a terrible time or letting you guys down sucks more than anything to me so I am sorry to Megan and anyone who thought this was about the incident at all.”

Chrissy Teigen’s apology to Meg Thee Stallion.