R&B singer Kehlani and Reyna Biddy dug deep in this week’s Apple Music’s Beats 1 Sunday Gems podcast – discussing everything from XXXTentacion and R. Kelly to getting salutes from Rihanna.

Despite the perception, Lani admitted she doesn’t really believe “cancel culture” is a permanent thing.

“I don’t even … at the end of the day, let’s be real right now. Let’s be real, real, real. Nobody ends up getting canceled. These people that we go in on … and it becomes heartbreaking sometimes … their streaming goes up, their views go up, they get more followers; they’re still booking shows. It’s disheartening as fuck depending upon how deep the trauma they inflicted was, so it’s not even the act of the canceling itself that I support. It’s the act of if you are feeling unsafe and you are feeling unheard and someone has made you feel absolutely just low as hell, then you have every right to express your anger about that, and you have every right to set a boundary between yourself and this person. And potentially, if you feel like they’re putting other people in danger, be loud about that shit. Like, this is real life. You know what I’m saying? Logging out of Twitter, logging out of Instagram, everybody’s real humans living real lives. So it never really gets to their point where you’re like, “Damn, their life is canceled.” (Sunday Gems)

Lani also discussed why she doesn’t randomly unleash sudden public outbursts on social media platforms.

“For me, I would say I’m just the outspoken artist. I would say that I always got something to say, but what that can do is put me in a constant position of having hella anxiety about what came out of my mouth. You know what I’m saying? When I really could have just saved it for when I could have formulated a better answer instead of rushing to be that outspoken artist because that’s the standard that I’m held to. To the point when I start doing that now, and I don’t speak about everything that happens, people are like, “It’s funny to me that you’re quiet right now. It’s so interesting that you’re not speaking up right now.” And I’m like, you know what, I can articulate this, and it’s that I really don’t have nothing to say right now. You know? As a person who has dealt with sexual assault, all this stuff, because of the R. Kelly … it’s a three day docuseries, Twitter is a mess. There’s rape apologists, there’s abuser apologists, there are survivors, there are people who really don’t know what’s going on at all. There are survivors willing to fight, and then there are survivors whose trauma is so recent that they don’t even really know how to be present on Twitter in this moment. For me, that was kind of my angle.” (Sunday Gems)

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