Kehlani Comes To The Rescue For Anyone Hurt In Los Angeles Protests

Written By Chris Goossens

Kehlani Protests
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R&B singer Kehlani wants to help anyone outside protesting and fighting for what’s right. The popular crooner has come forward to let Los Angeles people know she’s willing to help provide free health care to anyone physically hurt by police or rioters.

Kehlani x Saves

Kehlani took to social media to reveal help for anybody injured during the protests. She shared a post from a local doctor who will provide eye or health services at no charge.

“If you or anyone you know has been hurt during the protests, whether hit by police or rioters or shot in the eye with rubber bullets or pepper spray, let me know I will provide free health care and eye care, especially to those without any insurance. Feel free to pass on this message to someone who needs it. #losangeles #orangecounty” -Kehlani’s Instagram

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High-Key Details

Over the past few days, Lani has strongly shared her support for protests across the globe. Specifically, Kehlani has helped people placed in police custody.

Wait, There’s More

Florida rapper Yung Miami recently checked people who had been mentioning black-on-black crime. She clarified it’s an entirely different talk and not relevant to the police brutality happening across the country.

“Police killing innocent black men and stuff like that, we not talking about black on black crime. N***as not killing n***as because what they got going on, that’s a different situation for a different time, a whole different situation. We talking about police killing innocent men, taking them from their families. I was supposed to go to the store and I got $20, and you think my $20 is fake, that shouldn’t cause me to lose my life. I should just go to jail.”

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Before You Go

This week, Yung Miami also stepped up to air out issues with people not taking the Black Lives Matter movement seriously and sticking together. She aired out frustrations in her Blackout Tuesday post.

“Ppl laughing and taking this sh*t as a joke! Ppl so out of touch that it’s sad they don’t even give af about they own and always making excuses or trying to justify it. Ppl have a problem with ppl looting stores that don’t even want our money fr and follow us around the store as soon as we walk in and think you doing fraud when you paying with your credit card! STFU ITS BLACK LIVES!! That’s one of the biggest problems with black ppl we don’t know how to stick together as a whole it’s always somebody that’s gone say or do some dumb sh*t! This my last post I’m done!” -Yung Miami’s Instagram

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Written by Chris Goossens

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