R&B singer Kehlani is officially on her mommy duties. The crooner has confirmed the birth of her mini-me following rumors about her welcoming a baby girl over the weekend.

Lani went to Twitter Tuesday to speak on giving birth at home and surviving the experience.

According to reports, Lani officially welcomed her mini-me over the weekend.

The “Gangsta” singer, 23, and her partner, guitarist Javie Young-Whitethis link opens in a new tab, welcomed their first child, daughter Adeya Nomi over the weekend. The baby girl arrived via an “unmedicated homebirth” in Kehlani’s bathroom, the star said, adding that she would not be posting for a bit while she recuperates from the delivery and spends time with her family. (People)

Last night, Lani shared a few comments about hitting motherhood and falling back on social media.

Earlier this month, Lani told fans she would give birth any day.