All I see on TV is black people with a sprinkle of white people looking like they’re living in a third world country.

These news reporters are killing me talking about looting. WTF!

Looting is when the community is in full operation and the people decided uprise and decide to take everything that’s not nailed down. These people are just trying to survive.

Is it really neccessary for every solider to hold a M-16? i mean, if you’re trying to help me, what’s the guns for?

Its funny how the US ran to help the Tsumami victums. The US helped the World Trade Center victums. So why isn’t anything being done for New Orleans?

Two reasons.

1. The majority of the victums are Black / African-American.

2. Payback is a motherfucker!

You think Bush forgot that only 14% of the African-American Men in Louisiana voted for him? He didn’t forget that only 9% of African-American’s voted for him? And he’ll never forget that 39% of the people making under $15,000 a year voted for him. He’s never going to forget that New Orleans only gave him 45% of the vote.

I hope my state doesn’t get hit. We voted for Kerry.