Self-proclaimed groupie Kat Stacks has released new footage of her and rapper Soulja Boy Tell Em romancing together in a Georgia hotel.

In the footage, Stacks claims the 20 year-old is addicted to cocaine and blasted his sex skills.

“What up y’all, this Kat Stacks b*tch,” Stacks said in a bathrobe recording herself. “Can’t really speak loud right now because Soulja Boy’s in the shower. Anyway though, I’m here at the motherf*cking hotel, at the Intercontinental Buckhead in Atlanta right across the street from Soulja Boy’s condo. Anyway, I been here kicking it with this motherf*cker. Yo, this motherf*cker is a motherf*cking coke head. This motherf*cker’s been doing dope all motherf*cking day. That’s why n*gga can’t f*ck me right. I f*cked this n*gga three times. The first two times he came in five seconds, the third time he couldn’t get hard and the n*gga still came. This n*gga’s a motherf*cking coke head yo. Yo, check this out yo. Look at this sh*t man, this n*gga’s a motherf*cking coke head yo. It’s funny as h*ll.” (World Star Hip Hop)

Stacks has also been re-tweeting her fans’ reactions to the footage.

“RT @freddyo @iHateKatStacks OMG I just saw yo video with soulJa Boi .. you got me lost for words.. >> lol shit happens,” she tweeted Tuesday (August 24).

“RT @TaraShanika_WM i gotta give @iHateKatStacks her props for this @SouljaBoy video!!! wooooooow dont fuck wit a real b*tch #thatisall”

“Aye @souljaBoy had them 60 dolla tony montana lines lined up in that lil video i need 2 be his supplier.” (Kat Stacks’ Twitter)

In a new feature with XXL Magazine, Stacks discussed her recent rise in fame from exposing rappers.

“When I first made the Internet blog, I regretted it, because everybody stopped talking to me,” Stacks revealed in the interview. “But as I got bigger in time, bigger names and muthaf*ckas in the game, they all started getting at me. It just upgraded my career. Now I don’t gotta go work. I don’t gotta do sh*t. All I gotta do is show up at a [club] and get paid [for appearances] I don’t regret it anymore. The first time I did it, I was like, ‘D*mn, why the f*ck I did this sh*t? Because I was drunk? Just to embarrass muthaf*ckas?’ I didn’t expect to get money out of it. Now these muthaf*ckas keep f*ckin’ with me, so I’m gonna continue to do Kat Stacks.” (The 305)

After denying involvement with having Stacks physically attacked a few months ago, rapper Bow Wow shared some words of encouragement for the Internet starlet.

“Of course I had no involvement with it,” he promised in an interview. “It’s so far fetched for me. Come on, man, everybody knows I make records for girls…I’m not an evil person. I don’t condone violence. That’s just the type of person I am. I just feel like, if anything, positivity is always the way out. So I think that maybe if she humbles herself a lil more and be positive and go about things differently, then hopefully she’ll be alright…but that’s not my style. I don’t put hits on people, I’m in the music business…if I wanted to fight, I’d be in the MMA.” (XXL Mag)

Check out Kat Stacks’ footage of Soulja Boy Tell Em below: