Detroit rapper Kash Doll isn’t happy with Motown right now. The hip-hop entertainer has called out her hometown for contributing to a massive coronavirus spread.

Big Facts

Kash went to Instagram and didn’t bite her tongue. Doll shared a headline claiming COVID-19 is circulating faster in the D faster than most other places in the United States.

“So y’all telling me i been siting my ugly a** in the house looking dumb and y’all out having the time of y’all life? I’m mad at y’all Detroit come on y’all let’s get this sh*t over wit! Let’s stay in the house pleassseeee”

High-Key Details

According to reports, Kash’s state has made headlines for coronavirus-related deaths. Detroit is reportedly linked to a majority of the people dying.

Michigan’s surging infection rates are propelled by a startling number of cases in Detroit, which has a per capita infection rate that is among the nation’s highest, exceeded only by New York and its surrounding counties and New Orleans. Detroit’s challenges are particularly acute because 1 in 3 residents are impoverished and have high rates of diabetes and other ailments that increase the severity of the virus. (Bridge Michigan)

Wait, There’s More

On her recent 28th birthday, KD went to her socials to plug her new “Rich Hoochie” record. She followed up the promo with the visual’s full-blown premiere.

Before You Go

Heading into the weekend, Kash Doll went all-out for the thirst trap. The hip-hop entertainer shared a batch of steamy bathtub pics.

“B*tch Imma Rich Hoochie! Maybe I should drop something? For my birthday present to y’all?”

“Come here Daddy you icing me out?”

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Come here Zaddy you icing me out ?💎🎁

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“At home getting ready for my birthday festivities for the weekend. Champagne baths. My tub in my room.”