Kash Doll Hits The Pool To Celebrate Hitting 5 Million Instagram Milestone

Written By Angie Dare

Detroit rapper Kash Doll is feeling the love. The hip-hop entertainer went online this week to celebrate reaching a massive 5 million Instagram followers milestone by jumping into the pool.

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Kash x Pool

On Thursday, KD hit up Instagram with some celebration pics. The shots feature her soaking in cool vibes in a pool and even shooting some hoops.

“When u just noticed you hit 5M followers 😜 thanks BRATZ” -Kash Doll’s Instagram


High-Key Details

Earlier this week, KD hit up Instagram with a look at her pool’s construction. She also joked about friends hitting her up for a splash in her home’s summer paradise.

“This post is for all my friends that keep calling asking to get in my pool… (y’all wasn’t wit me shooting in the gym) rare photo of me in the gym” -Kash Doll’s Instagram

Wait, There’s More

In June 2020, Kash Doll hit up IG with a jaw-dropping swimsuit look destined for any pool or beach. The shot featured her donning a matching blue bikini and flexing her beauty in a mirror.

“Who coming to get in my pool with me? #noedit” -Kash Doll’s Instagram

Kash Doll drops a thirst trap

Before You Go

In early May 2020, Kash escaped Detroit and went down to Florida. She shared pics of herself soaking in sunshine around Miami.

“✈️ ✌🏾” -Kash Doll’s Instagram


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Written by Angie Dare

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