Grammy-winning rapper Kanye West‘s game-changing Yeezy Season 2 collection is reportedly set to arrive in clothing stores in the next few months.

According to Ye fashion collaborator Jean Touitou, high-end retailer A.P.C. will start selling Yeezy Season 2 gear this summer.

Yeezy Season 2 will be available at A.P.C.’s Paris, New York, and Los Angeles locations starting in July. As for what he thinks about the clothes themselves, the raw denim master stated, “I think they’re really good, and I’m not the only one.” While Yeezy Season 1 received some backlash for it’s high price tags, Yeezy Season 2 is supposed to be priced similarly to A.P.C.’s own products. (GQ)

Check out why Kanye West turned down adidas for Yeezy Seasons 2 and 3 on the next page…

Adidas Global Director of Entertainment and Influencer Marketing Jon Wexler recently talked about Ye falling back on working with the sportswear company for Yeezy Season 2 and 3.

“We made Season 1 with him and then he’s been doing Season 2 and 3 on his own ever since. So, we were really thrilled with how the apparel performed when we were part of Season 1. When you work with creative people, you don’t want to limit their creativity and I feel like one, it wasn’t our core competency, we’re much more athletic-looking stuff. I wear a lot of that [Yeezy Season] apparel – Kanye has an ability to see the future and will it into being through his messaging and his network – we’d be open to [working with Yeezy Season again].” (“The Breakfast Club”)

Last month, Kanye provided some major updates on his adidas line.

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Speculation on a secret Yeezy Boost sneaker launch developed back in March.

People are already lining up at 2 L.A. locations for a shipment sneaker blogs speculate will come Friday. If that’s the case, the stores will learn this weekend how many pairs they’ll each get … it should be around 60. Once the stores are notified, the manager of each store will give the first 60 people in line a wristband, which makes them eligible to buy a pair for $350 a pop. But that’s only the beginning. (TMZ)