Grammy-winning rapper Kanye West‘s new Jesus Is King album has already sparked mixed reactions. Despite ample anticipation to receive West’s follow-up to 2018’s Ye, Christians have come forward to share their issues with the gospel-driven release.

Some Christians have taken direct aim at Kanye and his decision to share his religious beliefs commercially.

Hundreds of hellfire-haters are firing up the Twitterverse — but the controversy about West’s invocation of religious imagery in his work has been around since the early 2000s, critic and self-proclaimed Christian Charlene Kaleina, of Connecticut, tells The Post. Kaleina, 68, says her faith is constantly mocked “because of the strange and weird behavior of people like this man.” “He may be trying to understand Jesus in his own limited way and we cannot judge another’s soul,” the commercial real estate professional tells The Post. “People who follow Christ sense something is not right with this scene.” (NY Post)

Social media has let loose on Ye going the religious route for his latest album.

Earlier this year, a Christian publication shared its issue with Ye’s Sunday Service weekly celebrity-studded gospel events.

As I watched these Sunday Services, I also wondered who was being glorified. He’s employing a choir of people who are not only singing his songs, but are all dressed in his apparel. Is Christ really at the centre of this gathering? I’m not sure he is. Few churches would explicitly state their services are for the rich and those with social status. But there are Christian leaders out there who seem to always be wearing designer clothes and are benefiting from tithes and offerings which run into the upper hundreds and thousands of pounds or dollars.  (Premier Christianity)

After suffering a Friday setback, Kanye is now expected to finally release Jesus Is King tomorrow.