G.O.O.D. Music leader Kanye West may leave his signature touch on hip-hop mogul Nas‘ long-awaited studio album.

Yeezy revealed he vowed to President Barack Obama he would work on Nasty Nas’ upcoming Def Jam album via Twitter late Friday (March 4).

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Nasty Nas hopped onto his Instagram page with a few reactions to Ye’s promise.

Hood love CHICAGO to NEW YORK!

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Last September, Mass Appeal CEO Peter Bittenbender provided fans with an update on Nas’ long-awaited follow-up to 2012’s Life Is Good album.

“Actually, I love talking about it, because every time I talk about it, I feel like I’m helping bring it to life. Nas is working to deliver this next record to Def Jam, which will be his last [for them]. I haven’t been too involved in that, so I can’t tell you when it’s coming. Once that’s out, then Lost Tapes will follow shortly after. It’ll definitely be a 2016 release, hopefully earlier in the year than later. The music’s amazing. It carries on what he built with the first Lost Tapes. The fans are gonna love it.” (Drip)

Recently, Nas announced plans to release a new album this summer during a live Florida concert.


Last year, Nas revealed clocking in studio time with producer Timbaland and working on his Time Is Illmatic documentary gave him the inspiration needed for another studio release.

“I started working with Tim, I want to say a year and a half ago. I think it was the same year I dropped my last album, Life is Good. I started with Tim and it felt really powerful; it felt like it was really powerful. And I stepped back from it. Tim’s like, “What are you doing?” and I’m like, “I just need a minute to like — I just need a minute to take it all in, just live a little and enjoy day-by-day stuff and daily stuff I’m doing.” It’s just — I didn’t want to go back in the studio that quick. I felt like I needed to be inspired. … I wasn’t really, really, really inspired, to tell you the truth, until we started to, kind of, embark on this 20th anniversary. It wasn’t ’til then that I really started to feel it.” (NPR)

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