Grammy-winning rapper Kanye West is reportedly expected to pack his bags and prepare to hit France for a last-minute speech a the Cannes Lions International Festival. #BeenAroundTheWorld

According to reports, the Yeezus hitmaker is expected to pop up at the event tomorrow (June 17).

Having been out of the spotlight for what must feel to West like a lifetime (at least a few weeks) after the wedding extravaganza, the opinionated rapper has signed up for a surprise Tuesday Cannes Lions presentation. The 1 p.m. seminar title, “Technology, Culture and Consumer Adoption: Learning to Read the Cultural Landscape,” about how digital progress and cultural evolution are inextricably linked, sounds like a subject close to West’s heart. (Page Six)

Music insiders like business executive Steve Stoute are expected to appear at the venue.

While festival execs were unable to fully confirm Kanye’s participation on Monday afternoon, if he makes it, he will be speaking alongside an already strong panel of Translation CEO Steve Stoute, Bloomberg’s Stephanie Ruhle and Andreessen Horowitz’s Ben Horowitz. We suggest they get their comments in early. But, if West does confirm, he’ll join an impressive line-up of stars speaking at the festival, which includes Bono, Ralph Fiennes, Ne-Yo, Jared Leto, as well as corporate luminaries including Jeffrey Katzenberg, Marissa Mayer and Sheryl Sandberg. (Page Six)

Yeezy sparked some controversy during his Bonnaroo Music & Art Festival this past weekend.

The rapper also left out Jay Z‘s name from any song in which he is usually mentioned, something he also did at his recent performance at Austin’s X Music festival. In his performance of ‘Cold’, for example, the lyrics usually go, “Lucky I ain’t had Jay drop him from the team,” but instead, West left a notable silence where Jay Z’s name should have gone. (Gigwise)

Some reports claimed Ye’s issue with Jay Z may stem from him not attending his overseas wedding last month.

Kanye has been showing his anger toward Jay Z ditching his wedding for awhile now. At Kanye’s X Games performance on June 7, the rapper first ignited the hip hop feud. Kanye completely dropped Jay Z’s name from his performance! Jay Z, Kanye is trying to tell you something. He is STILL mad you didn’t attend his wedding. The two rappers are bros and we’re sure they’ll work things out sooner or later. However, Kanye is not one to let go of a grudge easily. (Hollywood Life)