Grammy-winning rapper Kanye West is a marketing genius and he might not even know it. A recent picture of the G.O.O.D. Music boss is now being totted around as a must-use for all iPhones.

A pic from Kanye’s Yeezy Season 3 is now a go-to add-on for iPhone screens.

What you put on the lock screen of your phone isn’t something you’ve probably spent too much time pondering. Maybe you went to the trouble of choosing a cute pic of your cat, but mostly it’s a utilitarian space where you check the time and receive an unending stream of notifications. But that all changes right now. Thanks to the ingenuity of one clever Texan, Kanye West is going to transform your lock screen experience forever. (Vocativ)


Earlier this month, Kanye treated fans to his first-ever Instagram post.

As eagle-eyed film fans have pointed out, this snap is a scene from Total Recall. The film, which was released way back in 1990, starred Arnold Schwarzenegger as a bored construction worker in the year 2084 who dreams of visiting the colonized Mars. Is it a message? What does it mean, Kanye!? (The Mirror UK)


A day prior, Kanye surprised fans by launching an IG page.


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