New York rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine has pumped his upcoming Dummy Boy album with some insane collaborations. The hip-hop star has revealed the project’s star-studded tracklisting.

On Sunday, the self-proclaimed King of New York went to Instagram with the must-see 13-song tracklisting.

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Earlier in the day, 6ix9ine shared a sneak listen to some of his unreleased music.

Recently, producer Scott Storch shared in-studio footage of himself and Tek.

A few days ago, Tek promised he had the best project of the year gearing up to drop.

“So I’ve been working on this project for the f*cking past week and I’m letting you know now this is the best f*cking project you’re gonna hear this f*cking year. You know how mad n*ggas put out projects and they got one song and they be like, ‘Oh sh*t, you heard that n*gga album or EP or mixtape or whatever,’ and they got one song? Every song on this f*cking project is a f*cking Billboard hit. It’s a f*cking banger. Watch the f*cking numbers. Watch the first week f*cking sales, man. You know the vibes.”

Last week, 6ix9ine treated fans to a sneak peek at his upcoming solo project’s artwork.