Grammy-winning rapper Kanye West wants to see just how far he can take his Sunday Service movement. The hip-hop superstar is reportedly putting together plans to hold his popular weekly gospel event across the globe.

Big Facts: New reports claim Ye has his eyes on places throughout Europe as destinations for future Sunday Service performances.

TMZ’s learned the rapper plans to go global with his gospel movement in 2020, and has his sights set on locations in Europe and Africa to start. We’re told his muse and sole focus in the new year is to bring the word of God to people via his Sunday Service. Our Kanye sources say he has no interest in traditional touring for his music anymore, but he does plan to keep recording gospel tunes with his choir … which he continues to fund on his own. (TMZ)

High-Key Details: In December 2019, comedian DL Hughley playfully lit up Ye over one of his Sunday Service event outfits in Florida.

Wait, There’s More: Social media also made sure to weigh-in on the headline-generating gear.

Before You Go: According to reports, Ye relied on his Nebuchadnezzar director Vanessa Beecroft to direct his production at the Miami Marine Stadium.

According to sources, the production had a total of twelve scenes and saw a shimmering, silver-painted cast, with Kanye as the star. Since the performance, numerous tweets have surfaced, offering a look at a version of Ye we’ve never seen. In line with the thematic wardrobe, the rapper is seen wearing a billowing robe, complete with tonal footwear. Kanye will be following Mary with his next upcoming album Jesus Is Born, slated to land on Christmas Day. (HYPE BEAST)