Grammy-winning rapper Kanye West isn’t about having reporters ask whatever they like. New reports claim the hip-hop star had a woman kicked out of a Ralph Lauren fashion show over a question about his wife Kim Kardashian.

According to reports, Yeezy lost his cool Friday night at the fashion brand’s 50th anniversary show after a reporter asked about KK’s recent feud with model Tyson Beckford.

In video footage, Kanye can be seen aggressively telling an event PA that either the reporter be booted out, or he was leaving. ‘She needs to be kicked out right now, or I’m going to leave. Right now,’ he told her. ‘Do you want to do that? Or do you want me to leave?’ he added. The 41-year-old then leads the PA back to the interview room, before identifying the reporter by pointing a finger in her face. (Daily Mail)

Despite the reporter apologizing, Ye still insisted she had to leave.

“She needs to get kicked out right now, or I’m leaving. Right now,” he demanded. “She has to leave, Ralph Lauren should not have people asking questions like this.” Turning to the reporter, West says, “Ralph Lauren would be very ashamed that you asked that trash question.” The reporter then looks at West, saying, “I apologize.” “No, you have to go,” West retorts before walking away. (USA Today)

Kanye reportedly dipped out of the event until he had confirmation about the reporter getting kicked out.

West even went as far as leaving the premises of the event until the PR team confirmed that the journalist was removed. Less than an hour later, the rapper posted a picture on his Twitter, showing him seated at the dinner table while Oprah gave a speech and former Secretary Clinton looked on, captioned, ‘I got a great seat.” (The Hollywood Reporter)

Earlier this summer, Tyson Beckford fired off hard-hitting disses at Ye’s wife suggesting she puts surgery over working out.