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Kanye West & Kim Kardashian Threaten Ex-Bodyguard W/ $10 Million

Written By Biz Jones

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Married couple Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are reportedly seeking legal action against a former bodyguard for breaking an agreement.

According to reports, KimYe want former employee Steve Stanulis‘ lips sealed after agreeing to a confidentiality deal.

Kim and Kanye have threatened their former blabbermouth bodyguard with a $10 million lawsuit, unless he drops to his knees and apologizes. Turns out, we’re told that Steve signed a confidentiality agreement promising never to breathe a word about Kim, Kanye or the klan. We’re told the lawyer’s letter is quick to mention a provision which says Steve is automatically on the hook for $10 mil if he opens his mouth. (TMZ)

Earlier this month, Stanulis ripped KimYe for receiving a pink slip after an on-duty misunderstanding.

Kanye needs to chill the f*ck out,” Stanulis said in an interview. The 42-year-old former NYPD officer told the website he was sacked minutes after West saw him approaching his wife at the door of their Presidential suite of New York’s Waldorf Astoria Hotel on the night of the annual Met Gala earlier this week. But Stanulis, who had worked for West on multiple occasions, says his firing followed his decision to go up to the couple’s suite to ask Kardashian about their travel plans for the Met Gala, which he believed had been altered. (NZ Herald)

Previous reports shut down speculation over Kanye firing Stanulis over the convo.

Sources close to the Wests tell TMZ … Steve Stanulis was hired by the guy in charge of their security to help out before the Met Gala. We’re told it was very clear Stanulis would only be used for the day leading up to the event. That’s it, just a temp deal … we’re told. There were reports ‘Ye axed Stanulis for talking to Kim, but we’re told Yeezy never had a confrontation with him, and in fact … everything “went very smoothly”. (TMZ)

Initial reports claimed Yeezy’s jealously ultimately sparked the firing.

Kanye West fired a member of his security team minutes before heading to the Met Gala, according to [email protected] sources, who blame the alleged canning on a fit of jealousy. “Something happened at the Waldorf Astoria where Kanye just lost it,” said a source who was on the 36th floor of the hotel Monday afternoon when West allegedly got upset. (New York Daily News)

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Written by Biz Jones

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