Grammy-winning rapper Kanye West is keeping his cool in 2015 after being approached by a fan in Washington, DC this weekend.

Footage of a fan wanting Kanye to sign a picture of his celebrity wife Kim Kardashian in a wedding gown hit the Internet Sunday (January 25).

Kanye West had a sweet moment when he arrived in D.C. Sunday … a fan wanted him to sign a pic of his bride on their wedding day … problem is, the guy had the wrong groom! Kanye and Kim were making their way to their limo when the autograph hound extended his arm, photo in hand. Turns out it was from wedding #2, when Kim married Kris Humphries. (TMZ)

Check out the footage right here…

This weekend, a new Kanye song called “FourFiveSeconds” premiered online with guest spots from Paul McCartney, Rihanna and Ty Dolla $ign.

Several days ago, Kanye West made an appearance at the iHeartMedia Music Summit in California, where he played a snippet of an acoustic song featuring Rihanna. That song has now been released, and it’s called “FourFiveSeconds”. The singer uploaded the track – which. as Stereogum points out, also features Ty Dolla $ign and the Dirty Projectors’ Dave Longsreth in addition to West and Paul McCartney – to her website on Saturday evening. (Pitchfork)

Rihanna and Kanye trade bars on their new joint effort.

“I think I’ve had enough,” sings Rihanna over the percussion-less, acoustic guitar-driven track. “I might get a little drunk / I say what’s on my mind / I might do a little time / ‘Cause all of my kindness is taken for weakness.” West takes over on vocals, crooning, “Woke up an optimist/ Sun was shining, I’m positive/ Then I heard you was talkin’ trash / Hold me back, I’m bout to spaz.” West and Rihanna handle all of the song’s vocals, duetting on the chorus with McCartney providing keyboards on the song. (Rolling Stone)

Ty Dolla $ign hinted at the new track during an interview a few weeks ago.

“Me, Rihanna, ‘Ye and Paul [Mc Cartney] got a song about to drop as well,” Dolla revealed in an interview. “Yeah. It’s gonna drop soon. I heard they shot the video recently. I don’t know what the final title is, but I know it’s crazy so just be looking out for [it].” (Billboard)