“Kanye West Is A Genius Mastermind In Music”

Written By S. Samuel

With his Division 1 record label in full swing, SOHH recently spoke to producer/songwriter Rico Love to find out the Top 3 entertainers he wishes to collaborate with.

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Sticking with former Roc-A-Fella super stars, Love said Jay-Z and Kanye West are atop of his wish list.

“I definitely want to work with Jay-Z and Kanye West,” Rico told SOHH. “I’ve been on to Kanye for years…I had seen him in the past when he was doing shows. We hung out a lot and Kanye really fed me a lot of game. I was learning things from Kanye West that I didn’t even realize I was learning. So now I feel at this point Kanye West is a genius mastermind in music and I really want to get in the studio with him. I feel like the both of us could make some amazing music.” (SOHH)

Along with Jay and Ye, Rico said R&B singer Brandy is another big artist he would love to work with.

“Jay-Z is my second favorite rapper of all time after Biggie,” Rico added. “I just feel like it would be an honor to work with him. I would love to get into his mode. I’d also like to work with Brandy because she’s one of my favorite vocalists and I think we’d have a great time doing something vocally for her. And I’d like to give her my spin on what she could do.” (SOHH)

Last October, Rico announced that he’d signed former Roc-A-Fella artist Young Chris to his record label.

“What up, it’s Rico Love, Mr. Turn The Lights On, we here, Young Chris photo shoot,” Love said in a video. “We wanted to make this formal announcement announcing that Division 1 has done a jointventure, label deal, with Universal Motown and the first act off the label is going to be Young Chris aka Chris Ries. I’m happy that we finally closed the situation. I’m a big fan of Chris, for years, and I’m going to tell a quick story. My first time meeting Jay-Z, I was performing with Usher on The Truth Tour, 2004, and the first thing I said to Jay when I met him backstage was, ‘I love Young Chris. I’m a fan of Young Chris.’ And he said, ‘Yo, that’s my little man. He’s got a bright future.’ … Now it’s Young Chris aka Christopher Ries, the re-introduction, coming soon. This is only the beginning…” (Official Division 1)

Known for working with artists like Diddy and Dr. Dre, Love previously gave SOHH his opinion of Fat Joe‘s run in hip-hop.

“Fat Joe is hip-hop royalty and he withstood the test of time. Seems like just yesterday I was watching his videos on television and now I’m in [the ‘Aloha’] video with him. That’s a great feeling. I’m honored.” (SOHH)

Check out some past Rico Love footage below:

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Written by S. Samuel

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