Grammy-winning rapper Kanye West‘s recent hospitalization at UCLA Med Center has reportedly ended with a few employees getting fired. Reports claim staffers tried to leak info on Yeezus.

Gossip reports claim a few UCLA workers received pink slips for trying to get info on Yeezy’s medical records.

Multiple sources tell us … members of the Medical Center staff were curious when Kanye was admitted and a number of them attempted to gain access to the computer system. Several sources tell us officials at the Medical Center have conducted an investigation. One source says several dozen people have been or will be fired. Other sources simply say the investigation is ongoing and they expect firings. (TMZ)

Recently, rap star Rick Ross suggested Ye may have faked his recent mental breakdown.

Rick Ross made a very interesting comment about Kanye West during a recent appearance in NYC. “One time for Yeezy,” began Ross as the audience cheered. “My homie a genius. For everybody who thought he was wigging out, he played y’all n*ggas.” (Complex)

A few weeks ago, rap star French Montana updated fans on Ye’s condition following his hospitalization.

“He’s doing great. He’s a, he’s a strong guy,” French tells ET. “He’s been through a lot and you know, this is just another hurdle in the way, you know what I’m saying? I mean I love everything he been doing, man. I feel like he’s speaking the truth, you know what I’m saying? I’m with him, that’s my big brother.” (ET Online)

Earlier the same day, a post-hospitalization Kanye picture surfaced across social media.