Grammy-winning rapper Kanye West has video game heads’ attention this week after teasing fans about a new project based on his late mother Donda West.

At his Yeezy Season 3 showcase Thursday (February 11), Mr. West unveiled his upcoming video game concept.

Kanye West ended his album release party / fashion show in New York with a surprise announcement: that he’s working on a video game called Only One about his mother “traveling through the gates of heaven.” The game shares its name with a song West released two years ago, speaking from the point of view of his late mother after the birth of his daughter. West showed a short reel of dreamy footage from the game that, true to his word, depicts his mother flying through clouds and traveling on the back of what appears to be a Pegasus. (The Verge)

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Buzz behind the highly-anticipated game release scattered across social media.

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