The rumor mill involving Kanye West subliminally taking shots at ex-girlfriend Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa continues to spin as a now-deleted tweet suggests he took aim at the lovers this week.

Based on a screen shot of his tweet which was deleted shortly afterward, Ye made a sexual assertion toward a certain somebody.

“When he’s eating her p*ssy, he’s tasting the whole of Hip-Hop. #SuckerForLove,” West reportedly tweeted at 2:21 PM July 20th via Web. (Kanye West’s Twitter)

Despite the tweet going public yesterday, West reportedly deleted it shortly afterward.

You might remember we pointed out a couple of weeks ago that Yeezy hadn’t touched his Twitter account since March. That picture of Wiz Khalifa justifying his love on stage though, was too much temptation for Kanye not to say something reckless… so he did. Don’t front like that wasn’t your firs thought too! The tweet appeared on Yeezy’s time line early this morning, when Kanye – forgetting that his European fans were already up – thought no one would catch it. Of course, that tweet has since disappeared… Doesn’t make it any less funny. (Bossip)

Last week, Wiz and Amber made headlines after getting intimate during a live performance.

Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose have no problem at all showing public displays of affection for one another. Whether it’s through Twitter, at the latest event, or at one of Wiz’s concerts, it’s obvious that these two have some type of insane connection. Well, it was no different at the Municipal Auditorium in Nashville this past weekend. Wiz dropped to his knees to serenade his Juliet and he finished up by licking Amber from her navel to her forehead. All giggles and smiles, these two put on a performance we’re sure the world will not soon forget. (Global Grind)

During West’s “Stronger” Coachella performance last April, he took a subliminal shot at his ex.

After an energetic hour long set at the Californian music festival, West and rapper Wiz Khalifa nearly came to blows in an ugly confrontation over Khalifa’s current girlfriend, the model Amber Rose. West, who used to date Rose, took a dig at his ex during a performance of his hit song ‘Stronger.’ The original lyrics of the song includes a line which says: “I’d do anything for a blonde dyke. And she’ll do anything if the time’s right”. Yet, with Rose standing on the side of the stage, West altered the word to: ‘I did anything for that blonde dyke. And she did anything when the time’s right.’ (Independent Online)

Check out some recent Kanye West footage below: