Grammy-winning rapper Kanye West might not be rocking with President Donald Trump but that doesn’t mean he’s dropping diss songs on him. New reports claim Yeezus has not association to a new beef record aimed at the head of state.

According to reports, Ye’s not directly involved in artist King Myers President Trump audio ether.

King Myers dropped a tune called “Propaganda” and slapped Kanye’s fingerprints all over it — using ‘Ye’s Twitter avatar as his cover art and proclaiming it was produced by ‘Ye.
Not so. Our Kanye sources tell us West has nothing to do with the track, and he’s put his lawyers on the job to get his name and art removed from the project. (TMZ)

The craziness comes less than 24 hours after reports revealed Ye fell back on supporting President Trump due to his strong immigration ban pursuit.

Kanye West has scrubbed his Twitter account of all things Trump, and we’re told it’s because he’s super unhappy with the president’s performance over his first 2 weeks in office. Our sources say Kanye’s decision to remove the tweets were all his. The “Muslim ban” and other actions have turned him against the prez. (TMZ)


Last month, President Trump’s camp defended not inviting Kanye to his Washington, DC inauguration.

“We haven’t asked him,” he told CNN’s Erin Burnett on “OutFront.” “He considers himself a friend of the President-elect, but it’s not the venue. The venue we have for entertainment is filled out, it’s perfect, it’s going to be typically and traditionally American, and Kanye is a great guy but we just haven’t asked him to perform. We move on with our agenda.” (CNN)

In December, R&B singer John Legend took aim at his G.O.O.D. Music boss for meeting with Donald Trump.

“I don’t think it’s impossible to talk to him about issues, but I won’t be used as a publicity stunt. I think Kanye was a publicity stunt. I’m pretty disappointed with Kanye that he says he would have voted for Trump. I think Trump has been corrosive, his message has been corrosive to the country and I think the things he’s promised to do have been very concerning for a lot of people and for Kanye to support that message is very disappointing.” (“Clique”)