In this week’s Pulse Report, we’re going to bid farewell to Kanye West ever reuniting with Amber Rose, laugh our you-know-what’s off at 2 Chainz getting thirsty for the biggest fatties in the rap game, clear our ears to hear the return of Kat Stacks and oh SOHH much more.

[Editor’s Note: The views expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH]

1. It’s Over

Look, I don’t want to hear it, we all know that Amber Rose and Wiz Khalfia have been together since a couple years ago and that they got married this year but you can’t convince me that some of y’all weren’t secretly hoping Kanye would have one more, weird, run at Amber Rose, no? They actually made a pretty nice couple. Although, Amber wasn’t really allowed to talk back then. LOL. We all know the facts, Amber Rose and Wiz got hitched, had a baby, vice-versa, and then Kanye West followed the same exact method. SMH. Let’s just bid farewell to this past couple. SMH.


2. Luve Dem Twerkers

WTF? Is 2 Chainz really as thirst as everyone is making him out to be? I know doggy has a thing for girls with big butts on his birthday but saying he wants to make an adult tape and feature Nicki Minaj AND Iggy Azalea? LOL!!! First off, I told y’all that Iggy was money a long time ago, so at least y’all can agree with me now. Give it up to Chainz, it’s bold enough to say you want to make a homemade video but then to name-drop some females we all know about? Hope wifey isn’t tight.

Rapper 2 Chainz is considering releasing a sex tape to make some extra cash. 2 Chainz, whose real name is Tauheed Epps, is hoping the venture will make him a very rich man and make sure all his future mistakes are covered financially. He tells Playboy magazine, “I want to put out a sex tape in the next five to 10 years and reap all the benefits in case I spend my hard-earned rap money doing boneheaded activities.” And 2 Chainz already has an idea of who he’d like to join him in bed for his sex tape: “I hate to say this, but I think Iggy Azalea’s dope.” He also wouldn’t be opposed to romancing his ‘Beez In The Trap’ collaborator Nicki Minaj: “Yeah, I’d do that.” (Toronto Sun)

No question that’d be hot. Very, very, very hot. LOL. But if he could only pick between Nicki and Iggy, what’s Chainz going with?

3. Moment of the Week: 5-0 Cent’s Embarrassing Crying Footage

Aight, so maybe I’m stretching it by calling the footage “embarrassing” but the bottom line is that he didn’t get the part in American Gangster. Keep in mind, this is when 5-0 was still a pretty big deal. LOL. I mean, you can’t, or just…forget it, look at the footage yourself:

An intrepid tipster just leaked us this video of 50 Cent auditioning for a role in American Gangster, the 2007 Denzel Washington drama about drug kingpin Frank Lucas’ rise to power, and there is nothing about this that is not amazing in every way. 50, who prefers to go by Curtis Jackson for his more serious acting roles, had a narrow body of work when he taped this audition–mainly just his widely panned turn in Terence Winters’ Get Rich Or Die Tryin’–but that doesn’t seem to have stopped him from putting himself up for the role of one of Lucas’ brothers, a lieutenant in his drug army. (Defamer.)

^ SMH. No comment. Well, one comment. As much as I get on 5-0, it’s surprising that he keeps going at the movies as if it’s what is missing from his career. Not all artists can juggle multiple careers, even Andre 3000 left the rap game to work on acting. 5-0 tried to handle both careers and, in my opinion at least, it didn’t pan out.

4. Mrs. Butterworth: Scarlett Johansson

Okay, so here’s the truth, I know y’all are trying to figure out what’s what, but these Mrs. Butterworth items have got me in a bit of trouble. Keep in mind, these are NSFW at best, nothing extreme or something that’d you have to hide from your uncles or even younger brothers, but a few of the past Mrs. Butterworth picks have been deemed TOO dicey. Now I’m not saying we’re going to go all PG-13, but any possible see-throughs or anything borderline too hot, yup, it’ll be a link to it instead of showing up here. Now…..this lady named Scarlett Johansson?

5. Rapper Said The Darndest Thing

SMH. Now for some of y’all that don’t remember, we’ve gone down to just highlighting one ridiculous incident from the entire week that’s going to be highlighted. Now you might say, “Bulldog, that’s Moment of the Week,” but not quite. In this column, we’re solely focused on the dumbest, goofiest, WTF?-type comment(s) made in the past seven days. Now it brings me great pleasure to feature the one and only…..Kat Stacks! LOL. C’mon, rapping over Jay and Ross? LOL! No bueno.

Stacks jumps on Jay Z’s “You Know I Got It” instrumental from his latest album Magna Carter. Stacks is heard over the beat not talking about a damn thing. I wonder her let this girl in the studio and allowed her to make a mockery of Jay Z’s “You Know I Got It”? Chicks of her caliber will do anything for fame. You can check out Kat Stacks “You Know I Got It” Freestyle down below. Please, sound off in the comments and let me know what you think about Kat Stacks future rap career. (Breathe Cast)

***Weekend time! I know, y’all are still scratching your heads over how come my Jets are winning those close games, well deal with it. Now as far as this World Series? Couldn’t ask for better Game 1 and Game 2 games. It’s getting cold out here in New York and before you know it, it’ll be Thanksgiving. Until then, get that Halloween costume ready, catch up on “American Horror Story” and watch some good horror flicks these last days of October. I’ll catch y’all on Tuesday! –BB***