Grammy-winning rapper Kanye West may be thinking twice about marrying his girlfriend Kim Kardashian after a Toronto construction site took direct aim at the reality star’s short-lived run with NBA star Kris Humphries.

Images of a joke-covered construction site wall have started to circulate online.

One erects buildings, the other erects … well, you know … but it seems a construction company in Canada is taking a shot at Kim Kardashian with a hilarious street sign, and TMZ has the pic. The Bay Adelaide Centre in Toronto, Ontario is currently under construction — but in an effort to alleviate public concern, building honchos posted a sign telling the locals, “Construction set to finish faster than a Kim Kardashian marriage.” Ha. (TMZ)

If Kim wants to strike back, she has to look no further than comedy group Second City.

We’re told the sign was created by legendary comedy group Second City … and is part of an ongoing series of jokey boards that will be used until the project is complete. For the record, the construction WON’T be completed fasted than a Kim K marriage — ’cause her union with Kris Humphries was over in 72 days … and the project won’t end until 2015. (TMZ)

After years of separation, Kim had her divorce finalized last month.


Kim Kardashian is officially divorced from NBA player Kris Humphries — just in time for the reality-TV star to give birth to her first child, a girl, with beau Kanye West. The judgment was entered in a Los Angeles court Monday, officially ending the 72-day 2011 marriage. The Brooklyn Net forward initially sought an annulment, claiming that the couple’s marriage, including a televised wedding, was based on fraud. (NY Post)

A few months ago, Kim reflected on her short-lived romance with Kris finally concluding.

“I’m just glad for Kris and I both that we can just move on. I think we ultimately both wanted the same thing so I’m glad that we were able to just come up with an agreeament and just move on for the both of us,” Kim said in an interview. “[Marrying Kanye?] Don’t you think I should slow down? I think I should slow down. I’m just really enjoying my time with Kanye right now and we wanna have the baby and when you know how it’s gonna be in the end there’s no need to really rush it right now.” (EXTRA)