Kanye West has been making headlines for over a decade now, for reasons both positive and negative. Whether it be for an outrageous outburst or a new hit, the producer/rapper mogul is always trending.

At this point in his career, it’s undebatable that Kanye has been the face of hip-hop since releasing The College Dropout in 2004. Every one of his albums have gone Platinum, he’s won 21 Grammys, and he’s sold over 100 million digital units. West spent roughly the last year off social media, but recently logged back onto Twitter. In a string of recent tweets, West has shown support for President Trump, revealed a pair of new albums (including a collaboration with Kid Cudi), and much more.

In light of the commotion he’s stirred up, here’s 5 Things About Kanye West’s Political Views And State Of Mind.

1. Kanye hasn’t been the same since the passing of his mother, Donda West.


Kanye West has always been a mama’s boy. Nobody supported him more than his mother, Donda West. The pair was closer than anything, which is evident in the hit song “Hey Mama”. Tragically, Donda West died from “coronary artery disease and multiple post-operative factors due to or as a consequence of liposuction and mammoplasty” on November 20th of 2007. Many say that her passing has changed Kanye for the rest of his life. In late 2016, he checked into a mental hospital and cancelled the remainder of the Saint Pablo tour. His family went on to reveal that the anniversary of her passing triggered his breakdown.

[2. Kanye West really, really, really likes the head of state…]

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