[With anticipation building for Fifty Shades Darker, reality TV star/singer Kandi Burruss discusses the theme of couples dealing with a former flame with SOHH and focuses on the Russell Wilson-Ciara-Future circus.]

In that situation, that’s kind of hard because I would have died laughing if [the Atlanta Falcons] would have had [Future] perform that day [during the NFC playoffs against the Russell Wilson‘s Seattle Seahawks].

I would have been just like, ‘This is petty wap. You are definitely trying to get under my skin. You are really purposely trying to mess up my new relationship.’

And I just feel like that situation’s a little rough because you think, ‘Oh wow, this man is on his job right now and here you go showing up, like, for what?’

In a situation like that, you kind of want to straight ignore him and not give him any energy because you already know people are going to have comments and say things and if you react, then that’s just giving them more light.

Your best bet is just to pretend like they’re not even there, that they don’t even exist and keep moving on with your life. Like, who are you?

With all of the drama that they’ve had, it’s like, ‘I don’t have time. I’m coming into 2017, it’s a new year, I don’t have time to continue the drama with you.’

So you just have to not give them any life.

Fifty Shades Darker arrives in theaters nationwide Friday, February 10.