[With a highly-anticipated “Only Way Is Up” solo album near completion, Interscope Records’ K. Camp talks to SOHH about his stance toward the strip club scene and why college shows are vital for him.]

There’s a lot of people taking what I said about strip clubs out of context. I’m not tired of strip clubs, I’m just tired of the same sh*t. I just want to hear some new sh*t.

I’m tired of seeing the same girl, I feel there needs to be some new excitement to the strip club.

I’ve been in the strip club for so long that it’s just time for some new sh*t.

I would have to say my favorite strip club is Blue Flame in Atlanta.

It’s very important to me to do the college tours because that’s where the fans are at.

It’s about going to colleges and letting people hear my music because that’s what’s going to help my album. I want them to hear what I’m doing and feel what I’m saying and being able to touch the fans.

That’s what matters at the end of the day.

Instagram and Twitter, that’s the best way you can interact with me.

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