Pop star Justin Bieber has zip-zero problem calling out President Donald Trump. The crooner went to social media this weekend to get at the head of state’s publicized efforts to try and free jailed rap heavyweight A$AP Rocky.

The Biebs went to his Twitter page to get at Trump for his controversial, publicized treatment of illegal immigrants.

Trump went to Twitter Saturday to announce he’s making power moves to try to get Rocky released from a Sweden jail.

This week, reality TV star Kim Kardashian went to Twitter to publicly acknowledge Trump and his reported low-key aim to get Rocky released from Sweden law enforcement.

Kim previously met with Trump in 2018 to discuss prison reform.

Prosecutors have until Friday morning to decide whether Rocky will be formally charged. In May 2018, Kardashian West met with the president at the White House to discuss prison reform and a possible pardon for Alice Marie Johnson, who was more than two decades into a life sentence for a first-time conviction in a drug-trafficking case. Trump commuted Johnson’s sentence a month later. (NBC News)