Reason 5: Director J.A Bayona

He is known for two pretty damn good movies in The Orphanage and The Monster Calls, J.A Bayona gets his chance to put together a big time money maker in the Jurassic Park/World franchise. This is no easy task because a lot of people are really skeptical about this one. Why save the dinosaurs when they just tried killing anyone and everyone. Apparently this is only a small part of the story. It’s up to people to go figure out why they need to be saved. Is there another idea to make another park? Weaponize them like the idea in the first one? I am actually curious to see how it plays out.

Initially when seeing this idea for the sequel to Jurassic World, the question was why? But, I said the same thing when the first one was made. As I said earlier, it was very entertaining and I expect nothing less for this one. My wife and kids are over the top excited for this one, and I am starting to jump on the bandwagon. I hope you guys do give this one a chance like I am about to. Worst case scenario, you bash me on twitter or the ‘gram. But, who knows maybe you enjoy yourself at the movies with the family or your date for the evening. Let me know what you think folks. Remember hit me up on twitter or the ‘gram. Twitter: @Zero2Hero Instagram: Rproctor23.

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