Rap star Juice WRLD‘s memory will live on forever. His girlfriend Ally Lotti went online this week to share a slew of stories and memories with her late partner.

Ally Has A Juice WRLD Story To Tell

Last night, Juice WRLD’s girlfriend Ally went to Instagram Live and clarified she always wanted him for him and didn’t care about his wealth. Lotti also revealed she had Juice’s lawyers write up a document saying she didn’t want any of his money or property while alive.

“I know J’s with me. I’m so thankful. I know he’s always with me, but when he shows me signs it really just gives me the motivation. I’m so blessed and thankful for that right now. So blessed. I just want to make you guys so proud. I don’t know if you guys know, but I have nothing to do with—when I first got with Jarad, I didn’t want anyone to think I was with him for his money. I had my own money. I have my own money. I did not need Jarad for that. I wanted Jarad for Jarad. I just want our memories, I want our story,” Ally stated through tears. “I just want our music and the music that he made for me. That he wants you guys to hear. And that’s what I’m putting myself into. Not for anything else. I get nothing out of this, just so you guys know, and I don’t want anything out of this… Literally that’s it.”

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Let’s keep Ally in our prayers

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Juice WRLD’s girlfriend Ally spoke about how she was getting on since losing the rapper

More Stories To Tell

Ally also went on and shared a story about what she believes is Juice sending her signs.

“So, I just had to come on here. I even have a part of it on video, of the lights coming on and the computer, literally stopped recording. I’m just thrown and like I have so much to do tonight and get done for Jarad that it’s so crazy that it just happened. It gave me this, ‘you’re here with me, we’re doing this together’ because I really need him right now and it was just such a crazy sign.”

Wait, There’s More

Grammy-winning hip-hop performer Eminem is also keeping his legacy alive. The hip-hop veteran has dedicated his new Music to Be Murdered By project in the memory of the Chicago rap entertainer. Em’s newest solo album artwork reveals the dedication to Juice and his former bodyguard.

Before You Go

The Internet is filled with timeless gems. While you continue to self quarantine, check out some super flashback pics of Juice and other rap artists XXXTentacion, Lil Pump and Post Malone.