Music newcomer Juice WRLD might have just ruffled the 6 God’s feathers. The hip-hop newcomer takes a hard swipe at Drake on his new “Yacht Club” collaboration.

On the Lil Yachty joint record, WRLD makes a direct reference to Drizzy impregnating former adult model Sophie Brussaux.

“I’m a young king, I might f*ck Alexis Texas/But I ain’t on no Drake sh*t, I won’t get her pregnant/D*mn, young Juice WRLD, boy, you reckless/And I feel you, until I get her naked” (“Yacht Club”)

Drake and Sophie now share a son together despite only having a short-lived romance.

Alexis Texas is an American pornstar. While Yachty and Juice both consider sleeping with her to be an accomplishment, they don’t plan to get her pregnant. In early 2017, Drake took French artist Sophie Brussaux on a date in Amsterdam and ended up impregnating her, which resulted in the birth of their son Adonis in October of that year. Brussaux is perhaps better known as Rosee Divine—her stage name while a she worked as a softcore pornstar. (Genius)

Recently, Drake revealed he low-key told Kanye West about his secret son and baby mother.

“I’m in Wyoming, I play him “March 14.” I send him a picture of my son. I tell him I’m having trouble with my son’s mother. We had a conversation. … “[The next day,] I wake up, and all these dates are out. Then the next two days, whatever, I wake up now to this text from him, passive like, ‘Yo, I love you brother.’ ‘Lift Yourself’ comes out with him just talking nonsense. Oh this guy’s trolling me. This was like a manipulative, like, ‘I wanna break you’ thing. So I said alright. I’m gonna go back to distancing myself again. I know what this is. Then, the first album drops. And of course there’s a diss song toward me that you produced, that’s talking about writing? I was just there with you as friends helping you, and now you’re dissing me. So I’m like, man, this is dark.” (“The Shop”)