Dipset’s Juelz Santana is eating good since coming home from a jail stint. The hip-hop star’s girlfriend Kimbella has shared some epic footage of Santana going crazy over a grip of chef-made meals.

Kim hit up Instagram this week with the must-watch footage of Santana salivating over lobster, steaks, macaroni and more.

Last week, Santana came forward to speak out on getting released from jail after spending weeks behind bars on an airport incident charge.

“It’s just a beautiful thing. I’m just happy. You know, it was in God’s grace, I was praying everyday. He came through for me and my lawyer of course and the family held it down. Things are looking good. I just gotta do the right thing, do everything I have to do and try to stay home – I’m putting everything into God’s hands right now. I was preparing for a whole bunch of new music to come out right before this happened. I wasn’t expecting this to happen because it wasn’t so, at the end of the day, I’ve got a bunch of music that’s already stacked up. I’ve got a bunch more than I’m about to hopefully, if I could, get to the studio and record it.” (North Jersey)

A few hours prior, Dipset boss Cam’ron went to social media to hype fans up about Santana’s release.

Recently, G-Unit’s 50 Cent spoke up on Santana’s situation and urged him to consider taking a plea deal.

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