Dipset’s Juelz Santana has responded to a new diss record fired his way courtesy of Reverend Run‘s son JoJo Simmons called “Holy Water.”

Rather than take the diss serious, Santana simply laughed off the lyrical jabs.

“Lolol,” Santana tweeted January 31st.

“Have I jus been punk?? wheres Aston!!! kill yaself [email protected]

“Lil Goofball”

“RT @truolskool: you wasn’t popping off at true life like that keep it G n*gga > cause when sh*t real I don’t do no Talkin! This is a joke” (Juelz Santana’s Twitter)

JoJo’s new diss record landed across music blogs Thursday (January 31) afternoon.

The oldest son of Rev. Run, JoJo, or Young Simmons, returns to the interwebs today with a new track aimed directly at the head of Juelz Santana. The track, “Holy Water (Juelz Santana Diss)”, finds Mr. Simmonds spitting some barbed bars in which he speaks down on Mr. Santana for slandering his name while giving props to his Uncle, Russell. Man, I don’t know what got into Young Simmons, but he definitely brought the heat on this one. (Stupid Dope)

On the track, JoJo responds to a line from Santana’s new “Soft” song.

“Now how you gonna mention my uncle Russell, then disrespect his nephew,” JoJo raps. “The industry forgot you, f*cker, you nothing special/Piss in a test tube, like Jigga, they can’t knock the hustle/These n*ggas hate to love you/Simmons will not let you/Compare your money to my uncle, that’s just disrespectful/You’re not eligible…” (“Holy Water”)

On “Soft,” Juelz takes a minor jab, taunting JoJo’s relevance compared to rap mogul Russell Simmons.

“Far as that dough goes,” Santana raps, “I’m Russell Simmons, you Jojo.” (“Soft”)

Check out “Holy Water”: